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Some more for ya!

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All right, so what happens, well..............


But, I will give you a character bio:


Age: 13(book 1), 14(book 2), 15(book 3), 18-37(book 4)

Teclusa is an interesting person, not one to live in the good, but to recede and mope about the bad. He is repeatedly targeted by his evil sid, who is trying to absorb his powers. However, there is a more grave threat, the source of all evil. Unfortunately, he is also naive, getting into a realtionship with someone who is evil and then tries to kill  him. He wants what is best for his friends, and for himself, but sometimes feels powerless to do so......

A lost track found.......

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Alright, but back to the plot of the first book.

When Teclusa got his powers, it caused a massive personality shift, causing a light half and a dark half. His dark harlf promptly left after he got his powers, and assualted the compound a fw months later.

Then, he kidnapped Teclusa's fellow teammates, requires the help of a newbie, Sean. All I'm giving you for now!

alright, let get to the nitti gritti

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for those of you who are confused, the story of teclusa is a 4 book series


1) The story of teclusa: the beginning


2) The Story of Teclusa; Apocalyspe


3) The Story of Teclusa: Power of Chaos


4) the Story of Teclusa: The After Years

Continue from last one.....

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The threat is, Teclusa's evil side.

When  Teclusa became an Elemental in the first place, that is caused a personality split.

His dark side's goal is to defeat his light half and to absorb his powers, so that he can become the strongest thing in the world.

In the second book,(of four), he wants to find a different source of power, after being beaten by Teclusa in the first book in the Mind realm. He searhes for the ultimate power, which turns out to be frail little Thana. His goal is to change her to evil, and unleash her power onto the world.

Her sister, Zoe, was already changed into evil, and was a constant lure for Thana.

The Plot of the Story of Teclusa

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The Story of Teclusa is one of my first ideas for a story, so it is fitting that I put it first.

Teclusa, or Joseph, is just a normal kid until his 13th birthday, when he is blessed with the power to control the essence of fire.

He then meets up with five others like him, and they form the hero group, The Elementals.

They first deal with crime just like any other superheroes, until a different threat arrives.....

Stay tuned to find out what that threat is!


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Man, Webs can ba pain in the rear endus. But, I got through it! :P

The Beginning

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Hello! This website is being used so that I can publicize about my works of fiction.

THESE ARE MY WORKS. I do not want plagirism. I know exactly when the copywright were put on, so don't try me.

Hope you enjoy!



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